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Six Ways You Can Plant for Bees Today

Did you know planting bee friendly plants gives bees and other pollinators greatly needed nutrition? That with one phone call or visit to your garden center you can empower yourself and your garden with plants appropriate for your hardiness zone and make a mix that will bloom from spring to fall? That the more bees and other pollinators you attract to your bee friendly garden, the better your garden will grow? It's true. And one more thing we won't apologize for repeating on The Buzz: cut back on the pesticides, let the clover you usually cut away grow (its actually good for your grass and great for bees) and cut down on mulch as many native bees and pollinators tunnel and can be blocked by heavy mulch.

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Five Ways You And I Can Save the Bees

Neal Boulton

You may not be setting up hives on your roof or in your backyard anytime soon, but to save our endangered bees, you don't need to.

It's true! There are several simple things you and I can do to help the bees in our communities flourish. 

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