How We Picnic: Our Top 5 Tips for Outdoor Eating


It's picnic time in America. With the sun shining high and long in the sky and the weather driving us outside, we're here to share our tips for outdoor eating.

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The Art of Beeswax Easter Eggs

Easter is one of our favorite holidays, but not just for the chocolates and jelly beans—we also love the beeswax-decorated eggs. Yep, you read that right. In fact, it's a centuries-old art of Polish pisanki and Ukrainian pysanky—a wax-resist method (a painting technique that makes the most of the fact that oil and water don't mix when painting) of decorating Easter eggs, much like batik.

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Nature's Conditioner: 11 Ways to Use Butchwax

At Bee Raw we’re not content to let honey steal all the attention. We’re out to save the bees, after all, so the more bee-related products we can conjure up, the better the bees', and their beekeepers', fighting chances.

Enter Butchwax, our concoction of beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils. Centuries ago, everyone from Midwestern farmers to Thomas Jefferson used beeswax for anything in need of moisturizing or conditioning. And why not? As we find again and again in our quest for sustainability, nature’s way is the best way.

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Bergamot: The Scent of Romance

Bergamot.jpgAs romance goes, few regions of the world can surpass Calabria, Italy. The “tip of the boot” offers vistas of the sea from rocky shores, and mountainous peaks looming above a coastal border. In the rich soil of Calabria, a bounty of flora grows during long Mediterranean summers. To us at Bee Raw, it sounds like paradise.

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The JAM! Amazing red-red honey strawberry jam recipe


I. LOVE. JAM. My favorite is strawberry. I do love apricot, and raspberry, AND the classic grape jelly. It always makes me think about my grandfather, Poppy. I remember him eating cream cheese and grape jelly sandwiches.

My jam making tenets:


Right now I'm focused on strawberry. I got a nice flat over the weekend from a local Connecticut farm. Not too wet. And not California sweet.

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