Peach Whiskey Smash


A peach and whiskey cocktail with a decidedly southern flair. 

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The Hemingway Daiquiri


A cocktail as classic & cool as the man who made it famous Hemmingway. Like its tequila cousin, modern times have basterdized the original into a crushed ice conconction garnished with a tissue paper umbrella. Here's the real deal, which we're certain will keep you coming back for more.
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From Our Table To Yours This Mother's Day


Mother's Day. For us it's not about flowers, or cute cards, or even gifts of our honey (well, those couldn't hurt). But seriously, at Bee Raw we think about Mother's Day in a different way. We think about the mothers who offer us comfort when we don't think we need it; guidance when we're lost and think we know it all; and love, in that unconditional way that only a mother can give. How best to celebebrate this Sunday? How about breafast for her—in bed. Happy Mother's Day everyone:

The Bee Raw Mother's Day Menu

Raspberry Honey Creme Fraiche (click to see the recipe)
Warm Scones 
Assam Breakfast Tea and Star Thistle Honey 
Honey Kir Royale  

From our table to yours.—Zeke

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The Fab Four

Four New Year's Drinks to Remember. Whether you're travelling or hosting, we think these fabulous four drinks will ring in the new year with a splash. 

Honey Kir Royale 
Nothing says Celebrate! quite like this champagne cocktail (above). Raspberry honey and a fresh raspberry make this one most festive. Best served with music and dancing. 
How to make it >

Chamomile Honey Pear Punch
Bring back the punch bowl! This one is family friendly (alcohol free), but can be spiked with a splash of rum after the clock strikes 12. 
How to make it >

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