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Buckwheat: The Guinness of Honeys


When it comes to bold, full-bodied, complex flavor, one honey rises above the rest. Buckwheat offers a one-two punch of hard and soft — mossy earth followed by a lingering sweetness and a hint of molasses. Honey for the faint-hearted, this is not. All this combined with its dark rusty color and hint of malt is why we give buckwheat the nickname the Guinness of Honeys.

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Honey and Tea: An Age-Old Remedy

IMG_0047.jpgWith a stubborn winter still going strong, it’s time to take stock of the all-natural arsenal we have when temperatures outside plunge and our internal temperatures soar. Whether you need to warm up or cool off—adding raw honey to a hot mug of tea can soothe, heal, and revitalize.

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Winter Skin Miracle Workers


Freezing temperatures often leave skin dehydrated and a little TOO rosy. But what if we told you the remedy to your complexion woes can be found in one of our products?

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White Tea & Peaches


A tranquil taste of the tropical south—juicy peaches, tangy citrus and a captivating floral finish.

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