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Nature's Conditioner: 11 Ways to Use Butchwax

At Bee Raw we’re not content to let honey steal all the attention. We’re out to save the bees, after all, so the more bee-related products we can conjure up, the better the bees', and their beekeepers', fighting chances.

Enter Butchwax, our concoction of beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils. Centuries ago, everyone from Midwestern farmers to Thomas Jefferson used beeswax for anything in need of moisturizing or conditioning. And why not? As we find again and again in our quest for sustainability, nature’s way is the best way.

In the spirit of Butchwax and its all-purpose, all-natural, bee-saving power, we offer up our favorite uses for it below.

1. Lip Balm

There’s a reason Butchwax has become synonymous with lip balm. Whether your lips suffer the effects of cold, dry weather or the unrelenting rays of the sun, a small amount daily can heal damage and prevent further chapping.

2. Hand Moisturizer

Butchwax doesn’t wash away like petroleum-based products, so one application to dry hands lasts us an entire day or more. And don’t forget you knees, shoulders, or toes. Anywhere skin is beset by dryness, beeswax can help.

3. Itch Relief

Do the kids have bug bites? Poison ivy? A mysterious rash? Original Butchwax, with its blend of peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oils, soothes irritation to prevent further damage from scratching.

4. Beard Care

Guys, beard care is really important. If you’re going to grow one, you can’t just let it bloom into a tangled mess. The conditioning properties of beeswax can help tame the beast.

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5. Conditioner

Keeping your hair smooth and sleek is no one’s favorite chore, but Butchwax can help with that, too. Just apply as needed to prevent flyaways and frizzle. Not only that, but our Verdant Lemon scent refreshens and awakens the senses—the perfect way to start the day or re-energize after a long-haul flight.

6. Leather Care

We all have that neglected leather accessory that sits alone in a corner, a shadow of its former self. Beeswax has revived ball mitts, bags, and other leather products around Bee Raw headquarters, leaving them looking shiny and new and helping to prevent further wear and tear.

7. Wood Finishing

Jojoba oil doesn’t go rancid like other oils, making Butchwax a natural choice for conditioning cutting boards, dining tables, and wooden kitchen utensils.

8. Vintage Furniture Care

From unsticking drawers to loosening joints, beeswax has the touch. We like using it to polish the wooden arms and feet of our furniture, tooa great way to freshen things up without losing vintage charm.

9. Care of Hand Tools

Let’s face it, most of the time our tools sit around unused, weathering sharp changes in moisture and temperature. We’ve unleashed Butchwax as an enemy of rust, and our tools thank us.

10. Water Repellant

Snow, slush, April showersit seems we’re always finding ourselves ankle deep in precipitation. We’ve started using Butchwax on shoesboth leather and clothto battle the weather and keep our feet dry.

11. Insect Repellant

Sure, we like our six-legged friends, but sometimes the intimacy goes a little too far. Our English Garden Bug Balm comes infused with Citronella and other naturally insect-repelling essential oils.

How do you use Butchwax? Let us know in the comments below!

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