Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

Aster Honey Will Be Back


We recently sold out of our 2014 harvest of NY Aster flower honey. Ordinarily, once a honey is gone, it won't be available again until the next year's harvest. Single-varietal honey made from Aster flowers is harvested late in the season, usually September or even October. The 2015 Aster harvest might therefore not be available for purchase until November or even December. 

So, we thought we'd check in with Bruce, our Beekeeper up in Appleton and see if he had stashed any honey from last season. And guess what? He indeed has been holding onto a little trove of this beautiful, herbaceous honey. Naturally, we tried to convince Bruce to part with some of his personal supply. “Try” is the operative word here.

The secret to convincing a beekeeper to part with honey he wants to keep for himself is to be sweeter than honey itself. See, beekeepers are notoriously immune to pressure and equally proud of their honey. Someone who walks among tens of thousands of stinging insects daily isn't going to succumb to pressure or be cajoled by money. One has to convince him to let you give his honey a home. That those who are going to consume his honey will savor all of its nuances, and scrape the jar for every last drop. Having more than a decade of partnership helps to do just that.

Thanks Bruce! Your honey will be well loved.

We'll get some into jars for you guys as soon as we can.

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