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Is Bee Raw Honey Kosher? Kosher Honey FAQ


Yes indeed. Pure, unadulterated honey is by definition kosher. And Bee Raw's single varietal honeys are all 100 percent real, raw honey. Cheers to kosher honey!

The kosher status of our honey is certified by Rabbi Zushe Blech with EarthKosher, a certification agency that specializes in organic, green and sustainable foods. Rav Ha’Machshir Blech was formerly the regional director for the Kashrus division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (the “OU”).
Bee Raw honey has always been kosher, it's just now been certified. You can confidently enjoy our honey in a challah bread, in your charoset, or with lamb.

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How can honey be kosher when insects aren't?

That's an interesting question. With the exception of certain types of locusts, insects are not kosher to eat. By extension, the byproducts of non-kosher animals are also not kosher. So why is it OK to eat honey?

When people think about honey of course they think about bees, but honey is actually a plant product, not an insect product.

When you eat honey you're actually eating the nectar and pollen from flowers. The nectar and pollen has merely been collected and concentrated by the bees.

It is our honeys' floral source that gives each varietal its distinct flavor, color and texture. It is also why honey is kosher, though bees are not.

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