Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

Not Resolute? Dream Out Loud.

Zeke Freeman, Founder, Bee Raw, Inc.

One of my favorite sayings is, “Dream out loud.” I’m not sure who first planted this thought into my head but it's been with me for years—and it really helps me set expectations for myself and accomplish the things I want to do.

Dreaming out loud is a practice that is as easy as saying to your friends, “I’d really like to go to space someday. I know its not likely, but its something I’d really like to do in my life.” 

But sometimes—sometimes—something like this actually does happen. In fact, the following week, one of your friends, while taking his or her kids to Disney World, sits next to a NASA engineer on the flight to Orlando. The engineer has a colleague at SpaceX who has just been in touch and is accepting applications for a beta program preparing civilians to go into space. 

Dreaming out loud—it's that simple. 

My point is, if you dream out loud, your dreams will be heard and are thus much more likely to come true. Now, I’m not suggesting that you should go around all Janis Joplin-style singing, “Oh lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” 

What I’m suggesting is one part Karma and one part psychology. Many people I know are scared to talk about the things that they really want to accomplish for fear they’ll look foolish if they don’t. Or they think they’ll jinx that "something." 

Bottom line? I just believe that if you put your dreams and desires “out there”, especially if they are difficult to achieve or they’re for a common good, friends, relatives and a surprising number of people you’ve never met will jump in and help. That’s the one part karma.

The one part psychology is, now that you have put your dream out there for everyone to ogle, you sure as hell aren’t going to let that dream get jinxed or let yourself be “that guy” who just talks about the things he’s going to do. No, you are going to make it happen.

An easy way to test the “Dream Out Loud” philosophy? Make a pledge. There are many companies, foundations and organizations whose goals include helping the planet be a safer, cleaner, healthier and better place. Some of them offer pledges, shared by social media or email, to help in their effort and leverage the exponential power good world citizens everywhere.

Check these out:  

Patagonia Common Threads Partnership 

This pledge and agreement between you and Patagonia that I think helps us all think about and realize what a good corporate citizen means. Patagonia agrees to make useful things that will last, fix them if the break and recycle what is no longer useful.

You pledge that you’ll only buy what you need, repair what breaks, share what you no longer need and recycle the rest.

American Heart Association Fitness Pledge

Pledge to 30 minutes a day 5 days a week. Share it online with your friends and family. Commit to a better you. What’s easier?

Bee Raw Save the Bees Pledge 

My company, Bee Raw, works with small, American family apiaries to produce the highest quality, raw, single varietal honeys. For ten years, we’ve been paying a premium price for this labor of love, preventing our beekeepers from having to sell their honey in bulk in the commodity marketplace (where they can only get the lowest prices). We also provide much needed respite for their endangered bees – the same bees that are being trucked around the country to pollinate crops, exposing them to disease and dangerous pesticides.

Bees are dying at an alarming rate. Poor agricultural practices, poor nutrition, insecticides, fungicides and predators are creating a death soup that will eventually affect the availability and price of over 100 fruits and vegetables.

This is a problem that will affect all of us. Imagine your child growing up without strawberries, blueberries, or apples or broccoli. There is something you can do.

The Bee Raw Save the Bees Fund and Pledge is my personal Dream-scream out loud. Everyone needs to pitch in and help, either by pledging to help by eating organic, buying local fruits, vegetables and honey, and not using insecticides; or by donating to the Save the Bees Fund where we finance research as well as partner with organizations and municipalities to create bee-friendly habitats.

This New Year’s, consider dreaming out loud, by making a pledge to yourself, your family, friends and even strangers to make yourself and our world a better place.

Next year, go for the space travel. Ya never know.—Zeke

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