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Written by Zeke Freeman

Drinking with your Eyes


Of Fish and Tea. Nothing will complement Bee Raw's new estate grown teas than this this tea pot designed by legendary architect Frank Gerhy, the Pito Kettle is stainless steel and mirror polished. Its handle and cap with melodic whistle is crafted in solid mahogany. Said Gehry of his drawings for this lyrical work of design: “I started to draw fish. Without any specific goal, I discovered that I loved them and that they gave the sense of movement that you get in classical sculptures or in some Indian figures.” On sale now and worth it.

Post Modern Tea & Honey. This stainless steel kettle has a lovely blue handle and deep red bird whistle. The long celebrated design is made even more charming when the bird sings as the water comes to a boil. For Alessi, it represented a meeting of great design and mass production methods, a combination that Michael Graves worked hard to achieve—applying his personal visual code which fused influences from Art Deco to Pop Art and even the language of cartoons. On Sale Now and worth it.

Nature meets good design. The Alessi Honey Pot. Honey pot in 18/10 stainless steel with glass container. One of the best results of the Memory Containers metaproject, coordinated by the Italian Centro Studi Alessi in the early 1990s. The "Biological Project" workshop (to which this series belongs) explored the theme of design expression associated with intuition, in a new relationship between man and nature. On sale now and worth it.—The Buzz.

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