Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

The Fab Four

Four New Year's Drinks to Remember. Whether you're travelling or hosting, we think these fabulous four drinks will ring in the new year with a splash. 

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Honey Kir Royale 
Nothing says Celebrate! quite like this champagne cocktail (above). Raspberry honey and a fresh raspberry make this one most festive. Best served with music and dancing. 
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Chamomile Honey Pear Punch
Bring back the punch bowl! This one is family friendly (alcohol free), but can be spiked with a splash of rum after the clock strikes 12. 
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Our Cosmo
Oh yes, they are much easier to drink than they should be. Bee Raw Orange Blossom Honey is the temptress in this magic potion. 
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Zeke's Manhattan
You look gorgeous, your drink should, too. Our Manhattan is swanky and classic.
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