Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

Going West

Photograph © Ansel Adams

Envision America’s West
, quite possibly the most beautiful vistas on Earth. Now open each of our new Western honey vials and experience the flavors of the desert flora, the redwood forests, and the lush valleys of our great American West. This flight includes:

Colorado Star Thistle Honey Thick and creamy, with soft notes of cinnamon and a long, sweet finish.

California Wild Black Sage Honey Mild with a mouth-warming hint of pepper and a smooth clean finish.

Oregon Meadowfoam Honey Rare and coveted, soft and sweet with notes of caramelized custard, and a hint of burnt sugar.

Washington State Buckwheat Honey Stout and complex, its not-so–sweet composition with hints of molasses and mossy earth create a malty flavor.

The four hand-corked 1 oz. vials are sealed in bees wax and packaged with a beautiful American Oak block in a ribbon-enclosed gift box. A description of the flavors and origins is also enclosed with your gift.

Yep, we're going west—and we want to bring you along for the ride.—Zeke

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