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Honey and Hippocrates

Honey &

It is well known that Hippocrates authored the to this day backbone of modern medicine, The Hippocratic Oath, but did you know that along the way he employed the use of raw honey in his practice? 

What's more, Hippocrates dedicated most of his life working to heal sick children who thrived on the raw honey nutrition they were given by him.

Today that tradition continues in many parts of the world by doctors like Dr. Peter Molam who continues to research the benefits of honey. Working out of the Waikato Honey Research Unit in New Zealand, Dr. Molam has spent more than thirty years researching and proving the benefits of honey as a healer.

Have a stomach pain? Take a minute before you pop an antacid, raw honey researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have proven that taking two to three ounces of raw honey a day helps wipes out the toughest to treat stomach ulcers, without destroying the good bacteria we need in our digestive systems, and helps stop a stomach ulcer from forming. What sweet science.—The Buzz

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