Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

A Rooftop State of Mind


I may have grown up on a farm, but after years of living in New York—I can honestly say, my roots are firmly planted in this town's concrete. Marissa and the kids and I live in Brooklyn with a panoramic view of New York's still grand skyline.

Not long ago, while I was feeding the children lunch, I caught myself staring off into that skyline when it hit me. New York. Skyline. Rooftops. Thousands of them—from Wall Street to Harlem. Why on Earth aren't each of those rooftops buzzing with bees making honey!? Making New York honey!?

You know exactly what I'm about to announce don't you?

Yep—introducing my newest obsession The Bee Raw New York Rooftop Honey line. One from each of my favorite neighborhoods: 

Hell's Kitchen Rooftop Honey
It doesn't get more raw or real than Hell's Kitchen, home to cops, crook, cooks and cabaret.

Central Park West Rooftop Honey
For intellectuals, artists, authors, and their kids

The High Line Rooftop Honey
Where fashionistas and fabulistas mix with turistas.

Harlem Rooftop Honey
Harlem is the soul of Manhattan – it's original soundtrack, Mom’s kitchen and street cred.

The four hand-corked 1 oz. vials are sealed in beeswax and packaged with a beautiful American Oak block, in a ribbon-enclosed gift box. A description of the flavors and origins is also enclosed with your gift.

From my table—and city—to yours. Enjoy everyone.—Zeke

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