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Written by Zeke Freeman

Six Ways to Repurpose Honey Jars


In honor of Earth Day, we’re spreading that old-fashioned joy: recycling. And on Earth Day and every day, we strive to be environmentally sustainable, in part by using post-consumer paper and glass packaging for our products.

So what about those Bee Raw jars and vials? How to reuse them once they’re empty of all their sweet goodness? With a little imagination, you can keep the spirit going long after the honey’s gone. Here are six ways to get more life out of old Bee Raw containers.

  1. Plant herbs. Bee Raw jars make a statement on a kitchen window sill, and nothing beats fresh herbs in a home-cooked meal.

  2. Store dry food. Beans, nuts, granola, even tea--you can use a jar for whatever you have that needs airtight storage. The transparent jars mean no labels are necessary, and--bonus!--the small size is perfect for packing a picnic.

  3. Pickle vegetables. You already know how beautiful our honey varietals look in our jars, with their range of color and opacity. Just think of capturing the flavor and color of vegetables for the long winter. (Or summer, because if you’re like us, you believe pickles have no season.)

  4. Use as a glass. Mason jars are for hipsters. Bee Raw jars are for honey-lovers. Pro tip: when you’ve scraped all you can out of a honey jar, steep tea in it to to make use of every last drop. Party tip: after dinner, serve Bee Raw vials filled with your favorite digestif.

  5. Shake salad dressing. That homemade vinaigrette won’t mix itself. Helpful when packing a lunch--never again will you need to resort to dressing packets with strange ingredients and preservatives.

  6. Build a terrarium. Create a mini-world of greenery and wonder. Bee Raw vials look particularly striking when suspended in small spaces.

How do you repurpose Bee Raw jars and vials? Let us know in the comments.

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