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What if there was a way to stand up to big agriculture?

Bees are responsible for one in every three bites of food that we eat. They are so necessary for our survival, but year over year there is major bee die off. Colony Collapse Disorder is the term given to this die off and that stems from pesticides, malnutrition, mites, big ag and more.

The American Honey market is currently flooded with imported honey from China, India and Brazil, which is not only often a lower quality honey (heated, treated, blended), but also artificially lowers the price of the honey market in the US. This puts a huge strain on American apiaries that are trying to sustain the heritage of raw, single floral honey production. To sustain their business and their livelihood American beekeepers are forced to rent out their hives to mono-crop producers (like almond farms) to keep their business going.

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For these mono-crop producers, max yield is the name of the game. To achieve max yield they need every flower to be pollinated, so that it has the chance to fruit. The producers will hire beekeepers to supply three times as many bees as there are flowers in order to achieve this goal. The end result means there is less food source to sustain all of the bees. Additionally, the land is often tilled of all natural flora (as to not compete with the mono-crop) and so there is no natural food source for the bees.

With a long, cross-country journey, short bloom window and lack of natural flora the bees are often fed supplements to survive. All of these factors lead to immunosuppressant colonies that are more susceptible to illness and mite infestations.



Bee Raw is doing things differently! We work closely with our beekeepers and support them by both sharing sustainable best practices and paying them a premium price for a premium product that allows them to stay in the honey business without being forced into the pollination business. When you support Bee Raw you are supporting these farmers and their pollinators as well!


How Can You Help Too?


  1. Buy and enjoy our raw, real, single varietal honey, which is made by happy, healthy bees.
  2. Read up on the mono-crop production industry and make sure you know what you are buying and who it is impacting. Support local growers!
  3. Watch The Pollinators documentary to gain a deeper understanding of the pollination business.
  4. Donate to The Bee Raw Save the Bees Fund, which gives grants through Brooklyn Community Foundation to organizations like East New York Farms and New York Bee Sanctuary.


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