Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

The Power of One

They say more is better. We agree—where planting bee friendly plants is concerned that is. But sometimes powerful things come in small numbers. Take, for instance, the power of one seed. It doesn't take much for it to slowly grow into the plant it's meant to be. When it blooms, a bee arrives to the flower for its nurishment—pollinates it—then flies away to another flower. Each separate varietal of flower gives the bee a separate nutrient. The more flowers, the more well rounded and healthy the bee's diet is. 

Sound familiar? It's the same for us humans: broccoli, which bees polinate, give you and I great amounts of vitamin D; carrots, vitamin A; blueberries, vitamin C.

Everything our bee feeds from, like everything we do, begins with one seed. And the more of those seeds we plant, the healthier the bees are. 

Plants don't need humans, but they do need bees, which is why the power of one seed is very powerful indeed.—N.B.

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