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Summer Sipping: Our Top 5 Honey Cocktails for the Season


Nothing says summer like an afternoon spent sipping an ice-cold cocktail in the great outdoors. No surprise—our favorites involve plenty of honey, and below we've collected the best of the best for the season. Happy Summer!

Summer Sipping Pro Tips

  • Honey Simple Syrup — Emphasis on “simple,” this key ingredient comes together in minutes. Keep some in the fridge at all times so your cocktails will never be left wanting.
  • Muddle with Honey — For any cocktail that calls for muddled fruit or herbs, add honey at the time of muddling. This will help the process along and mix in the honey nicely.

5. Raspberry Honey Mojito
A stunner from start to finish, this fruity version of the classic mojito deserves to be seen, so skip the patterned glassware and go clear. The addition of muddled fresh raspberries, Wild Raspberry Honey and two shots of cranberry juice take the drink to new, tart heights, and the cool aftertaste of mint keeps the whole thing feeling fresh. Suggested spirit: Montauk Rum

4. Honey Watermelon White Sangria
When wine alone just will not do, we have ways to liven things up—namely Wild Raspberry Honey simple syrup, white cranberry juice and frozen watermelon balls. One bite of the fresh, juicy, honey-and-wine-infused watermelon and you'll never go back to regular ice cubes again.

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3. Dawa
Dawa, a Swahili word meaning 'medicine,' describes this honey cocktail to a T as far as we're concerned. A spin on the classic Brazilian Caipirinha, but with vodka substituting for cachaca, the Dawa draws you in with sweet and sour lime juice that plays off the mysterious sweetness of raw honey. Any varietal will do here, but Georgia Holly Blossom Honey makes a particularly delicious statement.

2. Bee's Knees
Summertime living should be easy, so don't make things hard on yourself by choosing a convoluted cocktail. The Bee's Knees uses just three ingredients—honey, lemon juice and gin—to masterful effect. Chilled, shaken and strained into a cocktail glass, the drink evokes a citrus grove filled with juniper berries. Suggested spirit: Perry's Tot Gin

1. Iced Mead
OK, so this last one isn't a honey cocktail, or even a cocktail, but everyone could use a little more mead in their life. Made from fermented honey, mead plays a large role in many Celtic traditions and was considered to be a drink of immortality in Celtic lore. In recent years, all manner of iced versions have gained popularity, but no need to overthink it. Pour your favorite mead over ice and let immortality be yours. Suggested brew: Melovino Craft Meadery's Berry Chic

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