Drink for Health

Good morning. How are you feeling? So many of us are at home this week, sheltering in place, in quarantine, working from home, taking care of our family and friends. It's so easy to fall out of a routine in times like these and indulge in things that give us comfort and take our minds off of the chaos. We are all about small indulgences here at Bee Raw, but we like to balance those out with some nutrition-packed ingredients that give you energy and boost your immune system. So, drink up! To your health and the health of all.

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DIY Honey Face Mask

There are countless skincare routines on the internet, but how do you decide, which mask or scrub is right for your face? We're all trying to achieve that perfect, glowing complexion without putting too many chemicals or unknown ingredients on our skin. That's why we turn to Raw Honey.

Real, raw, unprocessed honey is a key ingredient in many cosmetic products because it offers amazing benefits to the body, like antibacterial elements that treat acne, skin-saving antioxidants that slow down aging, and anti-inflammatory properties that speed up cell healing for blemishes or eczema. 

Raw honey is also a natural exfoliator, which means applying it to your face takes off dry, dull skin - especially when the honey has started to crystallize. Those rough sugar crystals will act as an all natural scrub and clarify pores. Adding bee pollen into the honey will add an additional exfoliating property, while also allowing the many vitamins and minerals in the pollen to seep into your skin.

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Allergies Bee Gone!

Springtime means warmer weather, flowers blooming and...having to suffer with congestion, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat. Bee Raw has created a remedy for your springtime ailments.

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Drinking with your Eyes

Of Fish and Tea. Nothing will complement Bee Raw's new estate grown teas than this this tea pot designed by legendary architect Frank Gerhy, the Pito Kettle is stainless steel and mirror polished. Its handle and cap with melodic whistle is crafted in solid mahogany. Said Gehry of his drawings for this lyrical work of design: “I started to draw fish. Without any specific goal, I discovered that I loved them and that they gave the sense of movement that you get in classical sculptures or in some Indian figures.” On sale now and worth it.

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Baking with Bee Raw Honey

Yep, you can bake with it and as the colder months draw nearer, we're about to do more of it. The truth is raw honey will provide some special attributes to your baked goods—among them, a golden crust color, a unique flavor, moistness, and moisture retention in the product. Why try honey instead of processed sugar? Every unique varietal of honey will add an equally unique variety of flavor to your baked goods. Honey's flavor varies with the type of flower the bees worked to produce the honey. These flavors include blueberry, cranberry, orange blossom, sage, wildflower, sweet yellow clover, and wild rasberry to name a few. Just imagine the hint of those flavors infused in your favorite baked goods. We're hungry already.

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Zeke Freeman talks the antioxidants found in raw honey.


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Zeke Freeman talks the history of honey glazed ham.


Honey Glaze

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How Regional Honey may reduce your allergies.


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Tea and Honey for the Cold

"I had a great holiday season this year, but after it was all over, I got hit with the cold of the century. I tend to avoid over the counter remedies. Sure they alleviate many symptoms, but my real comfort came from your Star Thistle honey because every sniffling cup of camomile tea I went through was made far more soothing with a big spoonful of it in there. It didn't heal me, but it sure did make my throat feel better."

Claire D., Brooklyn, NY
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Zeke Freeman's Bee Raw Honey Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe.

"...a smile after
you taste it..."

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