Raw Honey Spotlight: Georgia Tupelo Honey

You may have heard the song by Van Morrison, but have you tried the real deal? Tupelo honey sings a song of sunlight and spring flowers in the American South, and it's one of the finest examples of raw honey we’ve tasted.

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Raw Honey Spotlight: Colorado Star Thistle

Wild star thistle flowers bloom in mid-summer in the majestic Front Range of central Colorado, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. An important (and abundant) nectar source for pollinators during late summer, beekeepers rely on the bloom to make one of the most prized honeys: Colorado Star Thistle Honey.

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Raw Honey Spotlight: Washington Buckwheat Honey

When it comes to bold, full-bodied, complex flavor, one raw honey rises above the rest. Buckwheat offers a one-two punch of hard and soft — mossy earth followed by a lingering sweetness and a hint of molasses. Honey for the faint-hearted, this is not. All this combined with its dark rusty color and hint of malt is why we give buckwheat the nickname the Guinness of Honeys.

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Honey and Tea: An Age-Old Remedy

IMG_0047.jpgWith a stubborn winter still going strong, it’s time to take stock of the all-natural arsenal we have when temperatures outside plunge and our internal temperatures soar. Whether you need to warm up or cool off—adding raw honey to a hot mug of tea can soothe, heal, and revitalize.

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Nature's Conditioner: 11 Ways to Use Butchwax

At Bee Raw we’re not content to let honey steal all the attention. We’re out to save the bees, after all, so the more bee-related products we can conjure up, the better the bees', and their beekeepers', fighting chances.

Enter Butchwax, our concoction of beeswax, jojoba oil, and essential oils. Centuries ago, everyone from Midwestern farmers to Thomas Jefferson used beeswax for anything in need of moisturizing or conditioning. And why not? As we find again and again in our quest for sustainability, nature’s way is the best way.

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Bergamot: The Scent of Romance

Bergamot.jpgAs romance goes, few regions of the world can surpass Calabria, Italy. The “tip of the boot” offers vistas of the sea from rocky shores, and mountainous peaks looming above a coastal border. In the rich soil of Calabria, a bounty of flora grows during long Mediterranean summers. To us at Bee Raw, it sounds like paradise.

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Winter Skin Miracle Workers


Freezing temperatures often leave skin dehydrated and a little TOO rosy. But what if we told you the remedy to your complexion woes can be found in one of our products?

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Green Goblin Juices

Boost your day with vibrant green juice or a nutrition-packed smoothie.

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