Easter Ham or Easter Lamb?


With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to pledge your allegiance: is your family Team Ham or Team Lamb? Before tempers rage and holiday scuffles ensue, let us look at the facts.

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Post Christmas Wellness

The Bee Raw Honey Holiday Clinic. Whether you need to warm up or cool off—adding raw honey to your minty lemon drinks can sooth, heal, and revitalize.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

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From Our Table To Yours This Mother's Day


Mother's Day. For us it's not about flowers, or cute cards, or even gifts of our honey (well, those couldn't hurt). But seriously, at Bee Raw we think about Mother's Day in a different way. We think about the mothers who offer us comfort when we don't think we need it; guidance when we're lost and think we know it all; and love, in that unconditional way that only a mother can give. How best to celebebrate this Sunday? How about breafast for her—in bed. Happy Mother's Day everyone:

The Bee Raw Mother's Day Menu

Raspberry Honey Creme Fraiche (click to see the recipe)
Warm Scones 
Assam Breakfast Tea and Star Thistle Honey 
Honey Kir Royale  

From our table to yours.—Zeke

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Bee Raw Honey Celebrates The Queen

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Zeke Freeman's Bee Raw Honey Thanksgiving Recipes

"Every Thanksgiving I pull out my Bee Raw Honey Flights. I set them around the table with various hearty breads and my sweet Beurre d'Echire butter. I'm not simply trying to impress my guests and because of what happens next—they realize this ceremony of mine. 'I've never tasted anything like this,' Anna once said after tasting the Orange Blossom Honey. 'Why haven't I been eating like this all my life,' her husband Michael chimed in with a mouthful of Blueberry Honey. It's hard to believe so much pleasure can come from so little effort, so few ingredients—and such a simple thing as adding a bit of nature to the things we eat."

Susan Torrence, Sun Valley, California
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Thanksgiving Cranberries: Simple Ingredients, Complex Tastes


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Zeke Freeman's Bee Raw Honey Thanksgiving Stuffing recipe.

"...a smile after
you taste it..."

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