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Create the Ultimate Cheese Board

Cheese and honey. As far as pairings go, they are among life's sure bets. Eat them together - always! But how do you know where to start? We're making it easy with our honey & cheese guid. For each unique Bee Raw honey Varietal there is an equally distinct cheese to enjoy it with.
There our countless ways to categorize cheese, but we find that cheese families, defined by the cheesemaking method and characteristics of the rind, provide the best jumping off point for pairing.

Pairing Your Cheese and Honey



Maine Wild Raspberry Honey


Sweeten Snowfall

Pair Maine Wild Raspberry with mild bloomy rinds like a young Brie or Camembert. Our Wild Raspberry Honey is mellow and smooth on the palate with floral notes, the soft aroma of cocoa butter, and the sweet finish of wild raspberries. The light, woodsy flavor and quiet sweetness matches perfectly with mild, bloomy-rinded cheeses, like those delicate, buttery Bries and tart, young Camemberts with rinds like freshly fallen snow.



Florida Orange Blossom Honey


Baa Baa, Orange Sheep

Pair Florida Orange Blossom with aged sheep's milk cheeses like Manchego, especially Pyrenees-style like Abbaye de Belloc. A taste of Florida Orange Blossom Honey is a journey through an orange grove filled with bees and fresh citrus blossoms. Its bright citrus notes make for a happy marriage with aged sheep's milk cheeses, awakening floral undertones and taming hints of hay and lanolin.


Oregon Meadowfoam Honey


The Hills Are Alive

Pair Oregon Meadowfoam with washed and funky Alpine-styles, such as Challerhocker and Gruyere. This varietal is far from timid. A blast of sweet accompanied by a crunchy, crystallized texture melts into caramelized notes of burnt sugar. Meadowfoam makes a cozy companion to those ultimate comfort cheeses: the Alpine-styles. Its crunch contrasts with their dense texture and its sweetness draws out their nutty, fruity character.


Maine Blueberry Honey


Singing the Blues

Pair Maine Blueberry with mild blues like Stilton and Bayley Hazen Blue. To taste Maine Blueberry Honey is to take a step into the forests of New England. A full, round flavor belies an undercurrent of earth and stem leading to a buttery-sweet finish. On a cheese board, Blueberry shines with Stilton and other mild blue cheeses, unlocking their tangy, peppery complexities and creating new blue lovers with each bite.


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