Zeke Freeman
Written by Zeke Freeman

Zeke Freeman's Bee Raw Honey Thanksgiving Recipes


"Every Thanksgiving I pull out my Bee Raw Honey Flights. I set them around the table with various hearty breads and my sweet Beurre d'Echire butter. I'm not simply trying to impress my guests and because of what happens next—they realize this ceremony of mine. 'I've never tasted anything like this,' Anna once said after tasting the Orange Blossom Honey. 'Why haven't I been eating like this all my life,' her husband Michael chimed in with a mouthful of Blueberry Honey. It's hard to believe so much pleasure can come from so little effort, so few ingredients—and such a simple thing as adding a bit of nature to the things we eat."

Susan Torrence, Sun Valley, California

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